Afghanistan Economic Crisis

From day one, the “jirga” had been saying for decades that the American army had left, but the United States had not left Afghanistan. It has changed its strategy and its new strategy is more dangerous than ever for Afghanistan and the region. The United States and its allies withdrew their forces Lambingan Pinoy Tambayan Pinoy.

Afghanistan Economic Crisis

On the other hand, his ally Ashraf Ghani suddenly and mysteriously left Kabul. So the Taliban had to enter Kabul five months before their plan. On the positive side, power was transferred to Afghanistan without any major war or bloodshed.

Afghanistan Economic Crisis

Another positive aspect is that the war ended and peace came because of the strict control of the Taliban as a whole. Just as expectations against Afghanistan suddenly fell to the Taliban, so too did the Taliban announce a general amnesty for all opponents.

Not ideal but their attitude towards women and media was different now but the biggest problem was money and jobs. The US and its allies were spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan every year.

Of course, most of them were victims of war and corruption, but that money was circulating in the Afghan market in one form or another, and even last year, Afghanistan’s inflation and GDP indicators were better than Pakistan’s.

With the withdrawal of the United States and NATO, that money stopped flowing into the Afghan market. On the other hand, most of the wealthy people, most of whom were rulers under Karzai and Ashraf Ghani, transferred their money abroad.

The Taliban have now adopted a policy of amnesty, but fears of their past have led to the withdrawal of large numbers of intelligent and skilled professionals from Afghanistan. Initially, the Taliban had to close banks and for several days government offices could not function, due to which the wheel of the economy came to a standstill.

In previous years, the Americans used to pay the salaries of more than one million government employees of the Afghan government, but when the Taliban came, they cut off the chain and even froze the assets of the Afghan government, which led the Taliban government to trade with the world. Can’t do what the Ghani government used to do. As a result, the worst economic crisis and human tragedy have arisen in Afghanistan.

Virtually all countries, including the United States, China, and Russia, are in contact, but so far no country has formally recognized the Taliban government. But on the other hand, the Taliban insists that they are fulfilling all these requirements.

Yesterday, the Taliban had a chance to hear Foreign Minister Amir Khan Mottaki live in Islamabad, insisting that he had met all the requirements of the international community, but that the United States and the Western world were not cooperating with his government on the basis of assumptions.

He asserted that there was no such thing as a “global recognition” of a Western-style government. He said that there are personal governments in the world, there are family dictatorships, there is a military dictatorship, there are countries with communist systems and there are also countries with systems based on Sharia law.

All of them have been recognized by the world. All are members of the United Nations and the question of recognizing or not recognizing the government of any country due to internal system or changes is being raised but only about the Taliban government.

He said that those who were fighting against us till yesterday because of being the ruler and ally of America, were killing us, putting us in jails, not only because we forgave them but also because of our people. They are guarding their homes. No question of human rights violations was raised during his tenure while we are being accused.

Muttaqi Sahib said that there is no government anywhere in the world in which political opponents are also involved. Can Joe Biden include Donald Trump in his government? Is there any precedent in any other country for a political opponent to join the government but we are being told that our government will be inclusive if we include those who are not only our political rivals but also the bombings till tomorrow and They were hitting us with tanks.

In terms of language, there are Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Pakhtuns in our government. In terms of areas, our government has Panjshiri, Mazar-e-Sharif, Badakhshani, and Kandahari, but still, our government is not considered inclusive. We have a problem with money.

As the resources come in, so do the calculations. But our situation is that the Ashraf Ghani government did not pay the salaries for many months which we are paying now. And the former government did not even pay the monthly arrears of electricity from Iran, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

This is the position of Muttaqi Sahib and his government and it can be disputed but one of their arguments is such that no one can disagree with it and that is that they keep the people and the government separate under international rules and regulations. But since the advent of our government, the humanitarian aid that Afghanistan has been receiving has also been suspended, which is causing a human tragedy.

It seems that what the United States could not do by force, it now wants to achieve its goals in the region by bringing Afghanistan to economic ruin and anarchy.

In my estimation, the assets of Afghanistan from Pakistan and China or Russia from the United States and its allies Etc., appeals, etc., will not yield any result.

The solution to this tragedy of Afghanistan has to be found by the neighboring countries or China and Russia together but the Taliban must also meet the demands of the neighbors and countries like Russia or China if not the West.

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