Cleanliness is Half Faith

Confusion is our food but it is like oxygen for us. For example, we have been hearing since childhood that “there is heaven under mother’s feet”. “Cleanliness is half faith” is taught. Then it is shown that the whole society, every street is litter and garbage can.

Listen, Muslims are brothers but gradually the reality is exposed and without hijab, whether we are Jutt, Gujjar, Araiyan, Sheikh, Butt, etc. but also Sunni, Wahai, Shia, Barelvi, etc. and Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto Lambingan Pinoy Tambayan Pinoy.

If not only Balochi speaking but also Chaudhry and Kami are known then it is known that Berber Tariq bin Ziad, Arab Muhammad bin Qasim, Kurd Salahuddin Ayubi, Turkish Amir Timur, and Babar are also our cousins ‚Äč‚Äčthen it is revealed that Banu Umayyad, Banu After the bloodshed of Abbas, etc., the brothers formed Bangladesh and separated, etc., etc. These are just a few highlights of our “internal affairs”.

Cleanliness is Half Faith

Cleanliness is Half Faith

Now let’s move on to the “foreign affairs” from which those who have been borrowing are the strongholds of debauchery, obscenity, indecency, shamelessness, etc. I wondered why everyone was clinging here not only for higher education but also for livelihood.

To this day it is not understood what is true and what is false. His inventions and discoveries are all his, pubs, pubs, casinos are also his; we are proud of him even after 74 years of open anchorage. Whatever they are, we swear by God.

All is well, but the confusion is growing that all the Shams-ul-Ulema, that is, the sun of knowledge, then all of us, We are monopolists, but every good product in the production centers of Kufr, the end of which is that they introduced poultry anyway, but what is this camera truck that if you fry eggs in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia If its shape is not far from our poultry eggs then what is the reason? Somewhere in the “feed” did not enter the blessing that where there is adulteration and adulteration in the “feed” of human beings, where do I eat innocent mute chickens?

One wonders if the societies in which nudity, pornography, obscenity, single mothers, etc. are on the rise, have been involved in world leaders and superpowers for a long time, then what are the reasons or reasons for this?

From the seventy beaches to the unmarried couples what is the evil that is not there but what a wonderful coincidence that leadership, honor, wealth, justice, merit, power, construction, invention, invention, etc. are also there?

In poetry, we used to appease our haraam eaters, work thieves, and burglars by putting commands on the stars, while the United States has also launched a regular “space force” whose “logo” is the Star Trek series movies. Similar to the “logo” of the flat command. In 2018, non-Ceres was addressed by US President Trump while addressing the Marines
“We are working on a large scale in space. We may need a new force which we will call the space force.”

Trump is gone, but what he said in 2018 is fulfilled in 2021. He is called the continuity of living nations, while a new policy, a new strategy, not ahead. No Monday, listen to this while walking and remember the next election than Trump. Let’s see what happens next.

At the moment I have a question that we who are waiting for the fall of America, I do not see this happening, but for a moment we assume that this has happened, Russia or China will become a superpower. So what do we do with it?

“Helen of Troy, let someone come and go” will only change the face of the weak and the real thing that the heir had explained to his son Arjumand that “son! Even if the whole pind dies, you will still not get Chaudhry.

It is a matter of wishing “Abdullah is crazy in a foreign marriage” and the real thing is just to get rid of snoring and dreams and focus on the mind and the leading minds of this country think honestly that it is not so. The scale of rise and fall in the present age has gone up and down so that centuries can be presented in its testimony. The real problem is to find the real causes of your downfall and prevent them, the rest are just riches!

Get knowledge even if you have to go to China. How come, China itself has come to you. Instead of thinking of it as a “vacancy”, get inspiration from this “non-brotherly Islamic” that after you have been liberated and reached where and where we have sat but have been lying on the bread, They are talking about bread, inflation, giving decades of inflation.

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