Do good things but only in the days of Opposition

I wonder whose fault it is if my language and writing have not had an effect? The world that doesn’t understand me or has a problem with me that no one takes seriously?  Lambingan Pinoy Tambayan Pinoy.

All these things started coming to my mind when Khawaja Asif of PML-N delivered a smoky speech in the National Assembly and then started giving good advice to politicians. Most people in political parties think that they should be professors of political science at Oxford or Columbia University.

He will make such academic remarks that you will be convinced that there is no one better and better than him. Khawaja Asif and Shahid Khaqan Abbasi from Nawaz League are at the top while Qamar Zaman Kaira from PPP is at the top.

Do good things but only in the days of opposition. Although Kaira Sahib is credited with still having academic talks in the days of the government, Khawaja Asif is very expert in this field. I have been a big fan of his, so I have followed him closely, listened to his every word carefully, and understood. Once he was my favorite but then his party came to power and Khawaja Sahib was painted in the same color.

It was new to me that politicians do not have to take things seriously. Khawaja Asif had won my heart on the day he delivered a smoky speech in the National Assembly years ago. He had apologized in the name of his father that he should not have supported General Zia no matter how angry he was with Bhutto. It was a great thing that a son was apologizing to the nation years later for any mistake of his father.

Who in this day and age calls his father wrong and apologizes. He slammed undemocratic governments and described how politicians helped them to assassinate democracy. Khawaja Asif was in a frenzy that day and spoke openly and perfectly.

Then what happened? A few years later, the same Khawaja Asif was calling for the help of a general that he was being defeated so he should be saved. Now it was Khawaja Asif’s test that he would have lost the election by rigging but he would not have called the serving general, which was later revealed by the same general in a meeting with politicians. I asked for help.

That day I realized that talking about something is something else and when the time comes then it is not from the heart but from the mind. Khawaja Asif becomes the heart and minister in the days of opposition and thinks with his mind and this is his success.

I think politics, parliamentary accountability, and parliamentary funerals started coming out after 2013 when Nawaz League came to power. Nawaz Sharif handed over the government to his successor Ishaq Dar and went on a world tour like Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo. The same parliament, which had waited for fourteen years from 1999 to 2013 to re-enter, took the vote of the Prime Minister and forgot about it. He did not come to the Assembly for eight months and did not go to the Senate for a year.

The cabinet meeting was not convened for six months. The prestige of Parliament has been reduced to zero but there is a chance that my kind Khawaja Asif will awaken his political conscience and he may have tried to remind the members of Assembly how they are weakening Parliament and institutions. He dared to say something to the Prime Minister.

If we didn’t have it, then let’s just whisper why we are destroying parliament and politics, why we are disrespecting institutions, why we are giving a chance to the forces that are already defaming politics and politicians. Don’t miss the opportunity?

The same Nawaz Sharif made more than 100 trips around the world, including more than 20 trips to London, collected hundreds of expensive gifts and when Senator Kulsoom Parveen asked for details of these gifts in 2017, the answer was that Nawaz Sharif Gifts is a national secret.

Now Prime Minister Imran Khan has made the same excuse that the expensive gifts he received are of sensitive nature and his statement would compromise national security. There is no difference between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan in this matter that the details of gifts should not be disclosed. Both gifts are on the same page.

The same was done with the Public Accounts Committee that Khurshid Shah, the head of this important institution was appointed and destroyed. Politicians themselves became ministers, corrupted their governments, came before them as audit paragraphs, and members of all parties settled the parables by themselves. This catastrophe was at its height under Khurshid Shah.

The PPP-era audit para was settled in Seattle under the leadership of the PPP minister. While all this was going on, Khawaja Asif was present in the House and Public Accounts Committee, but at that time his inner rebel was not from the heart.

Because he was a minister at that time. At that time he did not care about the issues on which he used to give speeches in the days of opposition. Now Khawaja Asif Sahib has reappeared in the assembly with full readiness. He has been entrusted with this task by the PML-N, including Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who has to show his image as a good and principled politician in the days of opposition.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is also selling the same to create a South African style truth commission and forget all the crimes of politicians. The one who had to return looted, now forgive the old incidents and say a new one Open it

Khawaja Asif’s thief is old. A lot of water has flowed under the bridges. In these twenty years, a new generation has emerged. We who used to eat grass and keep listening to their speeches, now we have stopped eating grass. Now the words of Khwaja Sahib do not affect our hearts. Their language did not have that effect. The effect is gone.

Now the nights do not fall asleep on their words, but the jamahis begin to come. Sometimes I get angry at myself for how easy it was to fool us. We have become sensible or our language has lost its effect due to the character of Khawaja Sahib. Khwaja Sahib may not realize that if the words and language of a servant are lost then where is the credibility of politics.

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