Now we Calves may meet in Dreams

When I read the news of the sudden death of our teacher Mahmood Nizami of Taunsa Sharif, I was overwhelmed with depression. There are some people who leave an impression even once they meet. Ustad Nizami had an acquaintance for thirty years. It was not possible for you to pick up Ustad Nizami’s party once and then not go around looking for these dervishes Pinoy Lambingan.

Now we Calves may meet in Dreams

Probably 1991. I was admitted to the English department of Multan University. Every weekend I used to go to Bahawalpur Naeem Bhai. His room on the Abbas floor was always open. Any stray traveler could enter the room. It was an open holiday for him to eat from the canteen in his name, get treatment and if there is no return fare, he should also take it from Naeem Bhai.

Whenever Naeem went to his brother’s small room at night, he saw him lying on the floor with literature books under his head. I would also go and lie down with them secretly. He would feel close to me and smile a little in his sleep and then he would fall asleep with one arm around me. Most of our Basti, Taunsa Sharif, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur, Layyah friends, or other people were sleeping on their beds.

I would say to him: What are you doing? You are a doctor. You have to get up in the morning and go to work. You need complete rest. He would laugh and say: Dude, what should I do? When I come home from duty at night, someone is sleeping on the bed. ? It doesn’t happen to me. It’s a nightmare. She goes to bed and to the floor.

If I saw Naeem Bhai leaving his bed for someone and sleeping on the floor below, he was Ustad Gadi, Karim Nawaz, and Mahmood Nizami. When he came, he would be sitting on the bed. Naeem Bhai and I would be sitting on the floor listening to him. Naeem Bhai knew full well which friend to respect and from whom to gossip about Liberty.

Ustad Gadi and Karim Nawaz had a difficult relationship. Conversations with them would have included respect and politeness. Irshad Tonsoi also came in this category or Abdullah Irfan, Dr. Anwar Ahmed, Mazhar Arif, Ahsan Wagah, Ashiq Bazdar, Rifat Abbas were highly respected but open gossip seemed to be from Ustad Nizami, Asho Lal, Shehzad Irfan, or Rafiq Pahlawan.

On the day when Ustad Nizami was in Naeem Bhai’s room, he would gather all night. The whole Abbas Manzil resounded with the laughter of Nizami Sahib. No one can gossip or have a serious discussion better than Nizami. One of the great virtues of Nizami was that no matter how great a man he was, he would speak openly on his face.

The incident of my first meeting with him is also very interesting. I was in the room with Naeem Bhai when Nizami Sahib entered in a smoky manner and said: Ask for postal food. Naeem Bhai pointed to me. This is my younger brother.

Nizami glanced at me and then pretended not to be in my room. Naeem Bhai handed over his bed to Nizami and sat down on the floor with me and asked Nizami: What will you eat? Nizami said: Postman, you know I don’t eat lentils. Brother Naeem suddenly remembered and pointed at me and said: Tell him why you do not eat lentils.

Nizami immediately took it seriously, trimmed his tangled beard, and said: If lentils were to be eaten, then why did you make Pakistan? The whole battle between Hindus and Muslims was over lentils. The Hindus used to say, ‘Don’t eat meat, eat lentils’. The Hindu brothers used to eat lentils for free. Will you eat lentils even after making Pakistan? I laughed and scolded him and said: What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ”He explained in a few examples the thousands of reasons you read in textbooks about the partition of India.

Nizami was in the habit of finishing his speech, laughing out loud and clapping his right hand as if to say. I did not know this habit. He would put his hand on everything, as if to say, ‘Clap your hands.’ I would also respectfully extend my hand.

When I did it two or three times, Naeem Bhai grabbed my hand and said: This is his habit. For years, Nizami would first laugh out loud and then put his hands forward and I would sit with my hands firmly clasped. Nizami really didn’t care.

Well, Naeem Bhai sent me to get three plates of curry and bread from the canteen. Coincidentally, lentils were cooked in the canteen. I considered the issue of Nizami Sahib not eating dal as a joke, but when I put the food in front of Nizami Sahib, seeing the dal, he got angry. Tell me the prayers that Al-Aman. Naeem Bhai’s laughter got worse.

I did not understand what went wrong. Nizami suddenly got up in anger and said: You eat this dal, brother, I will go to Irshad Tunsui’s house and eat chicken. Naeem Bhai kept laughing and said: Look, the people of the canteen also had to cook dal on the same day that Nizami was to come. Well, we both ate lentils with pleasure. The lentils were so delicious that I ate another plate.

The night was getting dark when Nizami Sahib, drunk with sweat, suddenly entered the room. Without looking at us, he approached the table near the bed where the empty plates of lentils were kept. Seeing the third plate empty, he said in a loud voice: Who ate this plate of mine? It came out of my mouth unintentionally: Yes, I did. Nizami suddenly turned and pointing at me said: I am not ashamed to lick my plate gone? I said: You do not eat lentils. While reciting Salat, he said: If a servant is hungry, he can eat anything.

Naeem Bhai said: But you went to Irshad Tunsui to eat chicken Kadai? Nizami said: The house was locked. Now I am coming from there on foot because the rent was not in my pocket. Naeem Bhai said: If you would come on a bicycle rickshaw, you would take it from me and give it to him. Nizami said: If your room was also locked, where would you give it, so I have come on foot.

Let’s get some food right away. I’m very hungry. Naeem Bhai said to me: Go and get dal packed for Nizami from the hospital canteen? On hearing this, Nizami’s temper flared up again and he said: Shame on the postman.

These were the great public intellectuals of our Seraiki without whom Seraiki Waseeb would remain sad and incomplete. Ustad Nizami was the darling of our entire Wasib. Alone, Ladley, who was supposedly forgiven for having seven bloods, to tell someone something, say no one was bad.

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