Our Religious and Social Traditions are very Strong

Nowadays there is an advertisement on TV in which a grandmother tells her son and daughter-in-law in the presence of her granddaughter that as soon as the daughter (granddaughter) completes her graduation, find a good relationship and marry him Pinoy Lambingan.

The granddaughter gets angry and leaves, to which the grandmother wonders what happened to her. The son replies that the daughter actually wants to do the masters, to which the grandmother goes to the granddaughter’s room and pleases her, saying that when you have done the masters, then they will celebrate your graduation with great fanfare.

That is, there is no mention of marriage, but if there is mention of marriage, then it has been presented as an obstacle for higher education and career. I mention this ad because I was recently told by an acquaintance that a woman had asked an acquaintance for her daughter’s relationship, but when she found out, she lost her temper.

She told her mother that she had completed her education and now wanted to get a job, so she should not talk about relationships or marriage in front of her. How did this idea come to the mind of the girl child? Now there are parents who first apply the condition for the marriage or relationship of the daughter that their daughter is a professional or working lady after marriage, no matter how much money the husband earns.

Will not leave the job In such cases, when the girls get older, it is not possible to have a relationship, but after the passage of time, there is no choice but to regret it. Give better education to daughters, even for necessities or hobbies, if conditions allow and if the environment is better, they must do the job.

Keep her obsessed with equality, professionalism, and the desire to be a working woman, so much so that she refuses to marry or sees marriage as an obstacle to her life and career, but there is nothing wrong with having friends and relationships with non-mahram men.

Was considered Silently, the mindset that is slowly being created through the media is detrimental to our family system and religious and social traditions, but this thinking is a severe attack on the most important relationships such as marriage, motherhood, and love.

Ask women who work in need how big a challenge it is to have a job as well as raise children. That is why many women leave their jobs for their children and family if their financial situation allows. But working women who are obsessed with equality and professionalism teach women to tell their husbands to quit their jobs and take care of the children at home, why should he (the woman) sacrifice?

There is no substitute for the mother’s blessings, love is a relationship and a passion that every child has the right to give only the mother. Although the husband has the responsibility to earn and run the household, the wife to meet the needs of the children, if the issue of equality is recognized and the passion for employment among women continues to be nurtured, then the children will be either domestic servants.

Will be handed over or the husband will sacrifice and take care of the children and the house. The issue of handing over children to employees or maids is another matter and the issues related to it are very serious but no matter how good a father he is, he cannot train and take care of the children like a mother?

Don’t indulge your daughters in the obsession of equality and professionalism in the blind imitation of the West so much that marriage is considered bitter and even love is taken away from the children. Just try to understand the problems of professional women in the West, also see how difficult it is to take care of those who have children.

This madness is actually the biggest injustice done to a woman whose life has become very difficult. This is what every woman who goes out of the house, unfortunately, has to do. Our religious and social traditions and family system are very strong in contrast to the West. Protect your traditions and don’t let your daughters fall prey to the West’s obsession with blind imitation, equality, and professionalism, which will be to their great detriment.

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