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The real cause of inflation and its solution Pakistan is an agricultural country and this agricultural country is buying wheat from Russia and sugar and cotton from India. Read on and realize that in those three years we spent twice as much on sugar and wheat as we borrowed from China and Saudi Arabia. God has given Pakistan 21 million hectares of arable land and with a little innovation with attention, this potential can be doubled.

Israel is self-sufficient in its food while it has only 2% of arable land. About 40% of us are cultivable but we are still forced to buy billions of dollars worth of wheat and sugar. Israel has 60� sert and 40% rainfall while Pakistan has the best canal system and first-class fertile land in the world. They have been buying sugar and wheat worth ten billion dollars Lambinga Pinoy Tambayan.

Israel’s population has increased tenfold and its rainfall has halved. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Israel has grown 26 percent more than 12 percent less water. And we are the ones that have rains, rivers, canals and no shortage of fertile land. Yet every year the food crisis is knocking on our doorstep.

Israel‘s agricultural output is three times its population growth rate, yet it is meeting its needs, and we, who used to sell wheat, sugar, and cotton to the world, today have billions of dollars worth of foreign exchange. They are spending in moderation so that they do not die of hunger and get two loaves of bread on time.

Only 3.7% of Israel’s workforce is engaged in agriculture and it is still meeting its nutritional needs but Pakistan’s farmers are 43% of the total workforce but still, we are not able to meet our food needs. There is not a single agricultural university in Israel. All that has been done at Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, Weizmann Institute is that there are departments for research on agriculture.

The work of these departments is amazing. We have set up Faisalabad Agricultural University and also Barani University but the great thing is that law and journalism departments were opened in Barani University and computer science and other departments were established in Faisalabad University. NARC is an alleged research institute over a wide area in Islamabad.

Trillions of lands are in his possession and officers are living like Mughal princes but what is his research? This is a secret that no one knows. They have a shop which was probably set up to provide pure food to the people. Unfortunately, broiler eggs are being sold there and vegetables are bought from the market and stored there.

No one is going to ask what the country and the nation are getting from this institution and its research after putting such huge expenses on the stove. It is a sign of our inferiority complex that being a Pando is considered evil here and the word “Pando production” is used as a satire.

I am happy that my daughter is connecting with her cultural background. I said yes son we are villagers. Is Mama also a villager? I said that too. To my surprise, frustration spread across his face. She kept thinking for a while then she decided that Baba you are Pando but look I am not Pando. After hearing this answer, I told him many days about the virtues of being a Pando and wanted to convince him that rural background is a blessing of Allah.

The practice was so effective that she became convinced of the virtues of the countryside, but she could not be persuaded to call him a Pando. It’s a whole culture that has embraced our children. There is a brother Akmal Shehzad Ghman in Islamabad who is deeply attached to his rural cultural background. Speaking Urdu where I can speak and speaking English where Urdu can be spoken is the most difficult task.

The same feeling is gripped by the inferior MPs. There is a Syed Hassan Murtaza in the Punjab Assembly. When I give data, I write ‘space science’ in the field of interest so that there is a little fear that Mr. Pando is not. We don’t like to speak in the local language.

We are ashamed of the local culture and clothing, the digital generation starts making fun of the Prime Minister when he talks about cuts and chickens. He has no idea what a rural economy is and how important it is in the national economy. This is the world of government. It is to exploit its farmers. Rather, he has to be humiliated.

He should not be given a relief of two rupees but he should import billions of dollars worth of food from abroad. The condition of the farmer is bad. So the farmer is selling his fertile agricultural land. Marriage halls or housing colonies are being built on these lands.

No one has time to think about housing calls on agricultural land If the vines continue to grow, where will they eat from? Addressing this thought, a very good message of Faisal Gujjar Sahib on social media is going viral nowadays that if you love raising dogs and cats more than buffaloes, then drink their milk and eat their meat. I don’t know about you but I agree with Gujjar Sahib and fully support his demand.

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