Save the Democracy

Democracy will only succeed if it has a democratic leadership based on principles, logic, and ethics. If you think that the current civilian leadership means that your civilian dictators will be the cause of the success of democracy, then it is as expected by planting a white tree. Keep it like mangoes will grow on it or fertilize and water the cactus tree thinking that one-day grapes will grow on it and I will eat grapes Pinoy Tambayan.

I was jealous of the democracies of Europe, America, and Britain, I was jealous of their democratic leaderships, there is no first copy of this democracy here. If one does not believe in one’s own democracy, then look at these four types of democracies for oneself.

Save the Democracy

Uterine Democracy This is the kind of democracy in which you have the facility to deviate from everything you say, change your promises, claims, slogans, and make this deviation a sign of a great leader.

This type of democracy also has the facility to work or not to work, governance, performance no matter how bad it is to work with empty speeches, but the condition that all speeches should be the same means you are my best friend, thrust. Thirsty crow) One of the articles should be memorized orally.

Now where you have to make a speech, applaud by inserting an appendix or an interlude between the opening and the closing sentences, in this kind of democracy you also have the facility to make those whom you go out for jihad your ally to come to power.

Against whom you fight all your life, join them for your power, in this kind of democracy also get this facility to put dwarfs in big positions, no merit, no governance, no performance check, no reward, no punishment, this kind of Democracy in India also has the facility to link your every incompetence, incompetence, mismanagement with the world situation or put all the problems on the previous governments.

In this kind of democracy, at least such wisdom is necessary that you should know that if you have watermelon very expensive then which country where watermelon is more expensive than us so that in time of need to tell the nation that ungrateful nation is still from such and such country. Yes, getting cheap watermelon.

In this kind of democracy you also get the facility to turn a minor problem into a national crisis, you make a small issue so big that everyone is forced to ask you that we don’t need anything else, just you Resolve this issue.

Advertising Democracy It is also called fugitive democracy. The beauty of this type of democracy is that whenever a difficult moment comes, you get out of the narrow alley and every time in every difficult time, in every difficult hour you get out of the narrow alley.

Bhanat Bhanat’s deals, even after making deals, you, Quaid-e-Azam II and leader, in this kind of democracy, civilian supremacy means the supremacy of your family, revolution, resistance means religion, respect and vote mean to respect your power, this kind of In the name of democracy, you can do all kinds of things.

God willing, if they are caught, they can turn it into a war of democracy. The other should be on the knees. If the next person is distracted by holding the collar, then immediately grab his knees.

In this type of democracy, in the wider interest of the country and the nation, you should have properties in five continents. Even if you do not have a money trail of these properties, there is no danger. In this type of democracy, your children must be foreigners. In this kind of democracy, it is important that you distribute these duties in your family from day one so that if things start to go wrong then who will put up fake resistance in the name of democracy.

If things start to work out, then who will reconcile the family in the wider interest of democracy, this kind of democracy is a kind of monarchy, just in the wider interest of democracy, this monarchy has been given the name of democracy.

Democracy with Faluda … You can also call it TT democracy. With the blessings of this kind of democracy, the ones who are left behind, the ones who are left behind, the ones who are left behind, the ones who become crores, the ones who are left behind. Yes, because in the wider interest of democracy, only their identity cards, accounts are used.

They are not even allowed to spend money. The basic principle of this kind of democracy is to unite with anyone for power, one golden rule of this kind of democracy, eat together, eat and let eat together, governance, performances, public welfare speeches, Keep the statements to yourself, don’t give your subordinates enough to fill their stomachs, don’t give them so little that they die.

In this kind of democracy, be a tyrant and be oppressed, keep it made by those who are stronger than you. Deputy courier, become a meter reader.

Democracy with it. Democracies of this kind of democracy are few in number but at the forefront of achievements. These are the parts that fit into every machine, become allies of those who come to power. Also called an ally of martial law.

With the blessings of democracy, all these have become billions, trillions, all these politics through wealth and wealth through politics. Save the democracy by leaving the Rana faction and joining the new ruling party.

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