Stopping the Dollar was the only solution to inflation

You would be surprised to know that Pakistan has imported ten billion dollars worth of food items from abroad. These include wheat, pulses, oil, and sugar Lambingan Pinoy Tambayan Pinoy.

Keep in mind that Pakistan has borrowed only ارب 6 billion from the IMF and has taken the dollar above Rs. 170 to meet its conditions. The power unit which was Rs. Now it is more than 24 rupees. The same is true of gas.

Stopping the Dollar was the only solution to inflation

Thus, by raising the prices of all commodities, a storm of inflation was brought in the country so that only six billion dollars could be obtained from the IMF. Now you will say what would you do if you did not order goods worth ten billion dollars you would starve to death.

It is a valid question, but it is also worth asking whether Pakistan used to export billions of dollars worth of wheat, cotton, and sugar. Agriculture was the main source of foreign exchange earnings for Pakistan as the textile industry was exporting cotton.

Stopping the Dollar was the only solution to inflation

The situation is that two billion dollars worth of cotton has been bought from abroad. Estimate that the country which used to produce 15 million bales and that cotton was sold all over the world is now buying cotton worth two billion dollars because the area of ​​cotton in Pakistan has become very small. Kamad has now taken its place because the rulers themselves were the owners of sugar mills.

They did not have cotton factories or textile mills, so they benefited from their business. He subsidized billions of rupees on sugar and made money by sending it abroad. The area of ​​cotton is declining and it is said that cotton will probably have eight to ten million bales.

The same thing happened with wheat. We bought 4 million tons of wheat from Russian farmers. Sugar is also being bought from abroad. By the way, give credit to our wise and handsome rulers that all this wheat and sugar was abundant in the country till two years ago.

Within a year, both items disappeared. It turned out that he had been fooled by the Sugar Mills Association, and his accomplices included commerce consultants. If you read the Sugar Inquiry Report, you will realize how incompetent the majority in the Cabinet and the ECC is that they were easily limed by the sugar mills and now Pakistan is buying billions of expensive sugar from abroad.

The people of Sugar Mills told Razzaq Dawood that we have 2 million tons of sugar in abundance. Send out In the beginning, Asad Umar, who was the finance minister at that time, resisted, but Imran Khan himself told him, “Let him go, man. Let him do it.”

On the contrary, they were asked to provide subsidies. When the inquiry started, it was found that there was no surplus of 2 million tons of sugar in the country. All this was done according to plan. After taking Rs 4 billion from the government and exporting three to four lakh tonnes of sugar, the price of sugar in the local market went up from Rs 52 per kg to Rs 70 per kg. The purpose of these sugar mills was to make money by raising the price of sugar.

Shehzad Akbar Sahib had said that if the price of sugar goes up by one rupee, then understand that five billion rupees have come out of the pockets of the people and shifted to the pockets of sugar mills and now the price has gone up from one hundred and fifty-two rupees to one hundred and fifty-two. How many billions have been taken out of the pockets of the people and the first person responsible for this robbery and looting is Razzaq Dawood’s Sugar Advisory Board which went to ECC with a summary that Sugar Mills is saying that we have a lot of sugar?

So send it out. Then Asad Umar took part in it and approved it. In the end, Khan and his cabinet sealed the decision that there was too much sugar, so send it out. When two months later the price of sugar went up to Rs. Razzaq Dawood himself admitted that he was judged by giving wrong figures. Thus the owners of a few sugar mills elected the whole government and its ministers.

While the ministers sitting in the cabinet have paid crores to the mills of themselves and their brothers from the pockets of the people, they are earning billions by taking the price up to one hundred and fifty-two. These are the experts who are building a new Pakistan.

The situation to learn from the situation is that in a country that has just imported 4 million tons of wheat in a year by paying billions of dollars, a summary is presented in the cabinet that the wheat sowing season is starting. Increase the support price of wheat.

The biggest opponents were Sheikh Rashid, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and Khusro Bakhtiar. Let’s understand Sheikh Rashid and Khusro Bakhtiar but it does not make sense to oppose Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Sheikh Sahib has to get votes from Pindi and Khusro Bakhtiar’s brother has got sugar but Shah Mehmood Qureshi used to fight for farmers.

Now they too have joined the ranks of those who despise the welfare of the farmer and do not mind buying wheat from Russian farmers for dollars. The problem is giving a hundred rupees more per man to a Pakistani farmer.

An hour-long cabinet meeting discussed raising the support price of wheat by Rs 100 and finally a committee was formed to pay Rs 100 more to the farmer or to buy wheat from Russian farmers in dollars. How can a country whose cabinet does not have the capacity to learn from its past wrong decisions run the country?

The screams of the people in this country are responsible for two or three wrong decisions of this government. The cabinet exported wheat and sugar on erroneous figures while stocks were low in the country. In this way, there was some pressure on Khan Sahib to let the dollar go up. It was said that exports are big Will be Just check how much the export has increased. Everything has been ruined by devaluing money.

On the one hand, you are ordering ten billion dollars worth of cotton, wheat, sugar, and pulses and on the other hand, you are also ordering more than ten billion dollars worth of petrol and diesel. Stopping the dollar was the only solution to inflation, but exporters are keeping the same dollars out by dropping the dollar and increasing exports by two to three percent, and buying properties abroad from them. We dropped the rupee that if exports of billions of dollars increase then the country will be stable. Now it turns out that because of this dollar, inflation has made everyone scream.

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