The Sensibilities of the British Government

You will be surprised to know The Sensibilities of the British Government. Some of the details of the cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan have come to light. The cost of a wrong decision of Shaukat Aziz years ago was borne by Pakistanis and will continue to be borne. I wonder what is the problem with us? Why are we so arrogant Pinoy Lambingan?

The Sensibilities of the British Government

Fifteen years ago Shaukat Aziz was making wrong decisions but today Imran Khan is making them. Since Shaukat Aziz was not accountable to the people of Pakistan, he did not have to contest elections, nor did he have to become the Prime Minister again, so he could afford to do whatever he wanted. Does Imran Khan also think that he will not contest the PM election again, so he should also choose the path of Shaukat Aziz?

When Shaukat Aziz left the post of Prime Minister, I gave a story in an English newspaper that he was going to leave Pakistan very soon and would never return. I had raised the question of who the ruling party would now bring in rallies and sell to the people that he is their future prime minister because Shaukat Aziz is about to fly.

They are about to catch a flight by filling their stomachs with gift bags worth crores of rupees. Shaukat Aziz was very angry at this and he regularly called the owner of my newspaper and complained that his reporter gave “fake news” and a conspiracy was hatched to defame him. He said that he would not only contest the elections but also become the Prime Minister again.

He said: It is a conspiracy against his political career that he is leaving Pakistan and going to London. There was so much confidence in his voice that even the owners of my newspaper got nervous. Exactly one week later news came that Shaukat Aziz had left Pakistan. Fifteen years later, he never set foot here again.

In August-September 2007, a summary of the Ministry of Agriculture went to Shaukat Aziz’s cabinet and requested that the wheat sowing season be approaching. The rate should be higher. This summary was presented two or three times in the cabinet meeting.

Rejected each time. Shaukat Aziz and his ministers did not even give Rs. 50 per man increase to the farmers. Apart from MQM ministers, Sheikh Rashid also opposed raising the subsidy price of wheat. He said that if a farmer gets more than fifty rupees, there will be destruction in the cities. Their urban voters will starve to death. The price of flour will go up.

They will lose the election. Shaukat Aziz decided in favor of MQM and Sheikh Rashid and thus the support price of wheat was not increased. Despite this, the ruling party lost the election. As a result of this decision, wheat cultivation declined.

There was a shortage in Pakistan and in the next two years, Pakistan bought wheat worth three to four billion dollars from farmers in Canada, USA, and Australia. Many big people and parties made money in imports. May God bless Yousuf Raza Gilani who after becoming the Prime Minister increased the subsidy price of wheat which caused a bumper crop of wheat every year and from 2010 to 2019 Pakistan exported wheat far and wide.

One wrong decision of Shaukat Aziz cost three to four billion dollars. Years later, the same thing happened in Imran Khan’s cabinet on Tuesday when Secretary in charge of agriculture Tahir Khurshid went to the cabinet with a summary that wheat is about to be sown, so increase the subsidy price of wheat by one hundred and fifty rupees.

Minister of Agriculture Fakhr Imam’s intention was also included in it. The Secretary of Agriculture was of the view that Pakistan had been importing wheat for the last one year and had so far bought about four million tonnes of wheat from Russian farmers at exorbitant prices at a cost of billions of dollars. A thousand rupees more than the price given to Pakistani farmers was given to Russian farmers.

Thus the money that Pakistani farmers could earn went into the pockets of Russian farmers. Therefore, it is better to give that money to Pakistani farmers and also save dollars. But Khan took the same path that Shaukat Aziz took. Sheikh Rashid also repeated the fifteen-year-old story.

Sheikh Sahib began to say that Khan Sahib, no anti-government movement runs from the villages, all movements arise from the cities and governments are overthrown, so you focus on the cities, do not increase the price of wheat. The most astonishing response came from Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the former champion of our farmers.

He was also not in favor of raising the price of wheat. He was accompanied by Khusro Bakhtiar who has his own sugar mills and his brother’s flour mills. They are in danger of not eating the area of ​​wheat and the area of ​​sugar and those who are taking billions of rupees in subsidies should not be killed. The support price should be fixed at Rs.

The minister representing the farmers turned out to be the enemy of the farmers. There was a lot of discussion on this and some ministers warned not to announce it again because the Prime Minister has to announce the relief package and if the support price goes up then all the credit will be lost. It was decided to postpone the decision on whether to increase the support price of wheat till the end of this week.

The point is not to pay Rs 2,000 per man to our farmers but to take wheat from Russian, Canadian, American and Australian farmers at Rs 3,000 per man, paying in dollars. Citizen Babooz They are also happy that the price of wheat has not increased so the flour will be cheaper.

They do not know that expensive wheat is bought out of their own pocket. Whether it is Shaukat Aziz or Imran Khan, they will give billions of dollars to foreign farmers but when they give money to their farmers, they will be afraid of Sheikh Rashid’s threat that they will not get votes or rural farmers are peaceful people. Keep rubbing them

Then we say how did foreign nations occupy us and rule over us for thousands of years? Or why didn’t whites consider us worthy to be given high positions to run the British government?

By the way, I believe that many nations have invaded, occupied, murdered, plundered India, but no one has understood us better than the British. Before their arrival, they ruined India with their decisions and incompetence. In the same way, they will drown the British government.

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