Three new Trends of the New Pakistan

The man was lying on the ground while the girl was crying and trying to shake him. I stopped. I got off the track. With trembling hands, he opened the bottle and put it in the mouth of the man who had fallen on the ground. The man was probably thirsty for centuries.

I asked the girl, “Sister, how are you? What happened?” I threw them on the ground and started hitting them with fists and fists. When I tried to save them, they pushed me away. I woke up and they killed them and left. What do you think? ”He wiped his eyes again and said,“ This is my father. We are both father and daughter. Lambingan Pinoy Tambayan Pinoy

The man opened his eyes and looked at us in amazement. He had both pain and sorrow on his face. I supported him, picked him up, and laid him on the bench. I asked the girl who they were Why did they come and why did they hit you guys? ”She stared at me for a while and then said“ I don’t know them. ”My father was on the bench and I stood behind him and pressed his shoulders. They came, stared at us, and left. After a while, they came again. They started abusing us and started beating my father. My surprise increased.

Three new Trends of the New Pakistan

I asked, “Where do you live and should I call an ambulance?” He pointed to the street in front and said, “We live in the fourth house on this street. All you have to do is find it. I’ll call my brother. I started walking on the grass, but I couldn’t find my cell phone. I took his number. “I got the girl’s phone,” he called someone, and in a moment two young men and an old woman, panting, arrived. “At first they looked at me suspiciously.”

When the girl told them about me, their attitude changed. Why did you attack the people? ”She thought for a while and then said,“ I think they were passers-by. Yes, my father told them we are father and daughter, we have come for a walk, I am tired, so my daughter started pressing me in love, but he kept saying, you dishonor has now made her your daughter. “Are daughters like that and started beating them at the same time?”

The two brothers of the girl got angry and the mother started slapping her hand on the forehead. Going, “I’m going to the front, did you see the result?” I sighed sadly and came out.

The incident took place a few days ago. The father and daughter were the victims of an “evil Macau squad” on the walking track and I am sure they would not have told anyone about the incident. Everybody would tell him, “You are an educated and intelligent man.”

Why did you need to leave the house in the evening, and if you were leaving, why did you need to take your young daughter with you? If you had taken her with you then why did you need to sit on the bench and if you did sit then why did your daughter need to press your shoulders in public like this? You made your own character suspicious. What do passers-by know about the relationship between the two of you? ”People would say.

They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. But the question is, Who are these people and who gave them the power to decide on a man and a woman sitting on a bench? Moral or immoral?

This question has now become unnecessary in this society. Going out with family in cities is frightening even when going out alone now. Wherever you go, someone comes and imposes restrictions on you and leaves. ‘I have been carrying this arrow for the last two decades. Why don’t you support the truth? I ask in reply, “What truth are you talking about?” I am told, “Why don’t you call Asif Ali Zardari and Mian Nawaz Sharif corrupt?”

I ask, “Sir, have these people proved to be corrupt?” I am told, “Don’t you know? Do you have any conscience?” This dialogue has become a conversation of the past when people now say why are you silent on the Holy Prophet?

Why don’t you support the guardians of the Holy Prophet and I keep looking at them in amazement? Thousands of questions are boiling in my heart but my father had bequeathed to me that you should not be confused with any contractor. Not even from the landlords and not even from the state contractors. If you want to live, tie the stone of Domin with your heart and tongue, so I immediately apologize to them. I give or touch the knees.

This is a situation of the new Pakistan while the other situation is much more dangerous than that of the country I have produced thousands of people who intimidate and rob people in the name of agencies. One of my own cameramen committed suicide a week ago due to a fake agency official.

He is very good and virtuous. He was a man and used to work. I was with him for six or seven years. He was married. He was a father of two young children. His wife used to teach. Put a picture of the tree on your status.

The next day, someone sent him a picture of a car with a bullet hole and blood mark on the windscreen. He got scared and mentioned it to his cousin. The man was a fake agency official. He further intimidated her by saying, “You are on the hit list. You will be caught very soon and you will be made Bhushan Yadav tomorrow.” And he was a poor man. He got scared. The fake official of the agency started taking money from him and kept threatening him.

He thought he had phone tapes, people would chase him and he would be killed or he would be branded a traitor. He came on duty on Friday, worked all day, went home in the evening, closed the door, and committed suicide by hanging himself with a fan. This news was incredible for me and my colleagues. We have been in shock for eight days now They are asking each other, “Is it even possible that people can become fake officials of agencies and rob others like this?”

When my colleagues and I started mentioning this, we found out that there are thousands of such counterfeiters and imposters in the country and they are robbing others by quoting an agency. A new wave of fraud has started in the country. First, they used to become fake policemen, then they started becoming fake officers of NAB and now they are returning as agents of agencies.

These are the three new trends of the new Pakistan and these three are frightening. Asking people for relationships and then correcting them. If this situation continues like this then what will happen to this country? You must think for a moment.

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