Was The madness of Greatness

Watching and listening to what happened in the live show between Shoaib Akhtar and PTV Sports Channel host Dr. Noman Niaz reminded me of the conversation between Shams Tabriz and Rumi which was written by the great Turkish writer in his wonderful novel Forty Rules of Love.

Was The madness of Greatness

Let me admit that the two novels that have changed or transformed me in recent years are Forty Rules of Love and Mario Pizzo’s Godfather Pinoy Tambayan.

When Shams Tabriz met Rumi and they started living together, Shams realized that people respect Rumi immensely and consider him as the best man in the world who can never do anything wrong or illegal. The claim of piety is spreading in Rumi.

One day Shams told Rumi: Go and get me some wine from the town bar. How could Rumi deny his guru? When he went in to buy wine from the bar, the whole city wondered what was going on. Has a good man like Rumi come to the bar to get wine?

Rumi bought wine and went to present it to his guru. Shams only wanted Rumi not to be so pious that he would fall into a trance. Another incident in the same novel which impressed me a lot and changed my thinking about human beings was that when Shams was staying at Tabriz Rumi’s house one day there was a noise outside. Shams comes out and asks what is happening.

He is told that a prostitute came to Rumi’s house to meet Shams. Shams asks: How is it so noisy? The family members answer: It does not matter to you that there is a prostitute under the roof of the house of a good man like Rumi.

Shams Tabriz raised his finger and pointed to the sky and said: Even before Rumi and this prostitute but we all live together under this big blue roof. If living with a prostitute under that roof doesn’t matter, what difference does it make to Rumi’s roof?

Similarly, when the princes approached Gautama Buddha, the first thing he did was to give them a handkerchief and say: Go, go from village to village, and beg. Now, what was the purpose of begging from princes? The only way is to break the ego of man. Responsible for human problems where there are other defects. One of the major defects in its ego.

Man does good and bad deeds for the sake of ego. This ego does good to him but also causes him to kill a human being like himself.

My personal experience is that my ego has hurt me a lot on many occasions. Looking back today, I realize that on many occasions I should have remained silent. Some things I shouldn’t have done. Some things should have been accepted by someone. I shouldn’t have given so much importance to my ego that I would have been harmed.

My ego still provokes me many times, it makes me angry but I counsel myself. When I remember the meeting of Rumi and Shams Tabriz or in my thoughts I see Gautama Buddha’s princes knocking on every door and asking for something, then I find some peace in me.

How much time do we humans have and how long does it take to go from hero to zero? A small human error or carelessness and all the stones fall on you. God forgives man, but we humans cannot forgive each other. We too may fall prey to the claim of piety.

Anchor Dr. Noman Niaz may also have been defeated by his ego when he asked Shoaib Akhtar to leave the show and then refused to say a word ‘sorry’ at Shoaib’s request. Dr. Noman’s ego may have said why he should apologize in front of world players Gaur and Richards or Shoaib must have thought, if he had not apologized in front of these two great players then his reputation would have deteriorated or he would have thought that the whole world should see. What happened?

Now, if Dr. Noman had said the word ‘sorry’, what would have gone wrong? Saying “sorry” was a very small price compared to what they had to pay after that. When I exchanged views with Dr. Noman Niaz, he openly apologized to Shoaib Akhtar.

These days, Dr. Noman has been the target of criticism on social media. In the video in which Dr. Sahib had apologized, two and a half thousand inappropriate comments were made. If the servant does not apologize for his mistake, then he has to listen. If Dr. Noman made a mistake, will those close to him also have to suffer the punishment of this mistake in the form of abuse? In our religion of Islam, there is a great reward and a great place for the one who forgives. Don’t any of us make mistakes in life? Are we all angels? Are we all good souls? We expect forgiveness from people for ourselves and we believe in punishment in the case of others.

Disagreements can also be expressed with distinction. It is not necessary to get angry just by abusing. While being famous is a blessing, it is also a great punishment and trial. You never know what will happen to you, not just you, but your loved ones as well.

People are looking for opportunities to bring down the famous slave. I thought Shoaib Akhtar would show a big heart and accept Dr. Noman’s apology positively. Although he said that he had forgiven Dr. Noman, but then “if but then” what was said, it seems that we all have small gods inside us who do not let us sit down.

God gave us as much fame and respect Gone is the height of our ego. We become obsessed with greatness. The same thing is that Anna takes you up and she brings you down. Shoaib Akhtar needed to learn a lesson from his 30-year-old friend Dr. Noman that if a man does not control himself then what problems arise.

Shoaib Akhtar’s repeated repetition of his greatness after this incident is also a sign of danger for him. Insanity hurts. Listening to Shoaib Akhtar speaking on this issue on TV, I don’t know why I think he is also suffering from the same insanity that his thirty-year-old friend Dr. Noman was suffering from.

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