What a normal country is like

What a normal country is like? Our third companion was a policeman. He came home from duty and we left. Another companion was driving. He came from Houston and did not understand the roads of New York. As soon as we entered Manhattan, Hollywood Like a movie scene, a police car started chasing us Pinoy Lambingan.

After a while, the police car sounded the siren and ordered us to park on the side of the car. I got scared and looked at the third companion in fear. The policeman got out of the car, came to the driver, and asked for his license. Our colleague quietly gave the license.

Meanwhile, our third colleague recognized the policeman and rolled down the car window, and shouted, “Hi John, I’m Mack.” The policeman turned, looked at Mack, and laughed out loud. The two shook hands warmly and inquired about each other’s condition. Meanwhile, the policeman got into the police car, took out the credit card typewriter, and put the driver’s license in it. Was also reading the screen of the machine.

As he read the screen, he asked Mack, “Can you drive?” He shrugged and nodded. The policeman pulled the slip out of the machine and handed it to the driver. I’m fining you two and a half hundred dollars. “The driver and Mick both thanked him. Mick sat in the driver’s seat and we walked on. I asked the third fellow,” Did you know this policeman?

He laughed and replied, “This is my colleague. We had lunch yesterday.” I asked, “Then why did he treat us like this?” He laughed. Violated the rules, so he had to be punished. “I asked,” Could that officer have let us go? “Mack replied,” One hundred percent. ” If she had let us go, the state would not have been able to ask her, “I asked.” “Then why didn’t he take care of you?”

What a normal country is like

Mack laughed and said, “Friendship is in its place and duty is in its place. In our place, if the US President or the Chief of New York Police had been in office at that time, he would have been treated the same way.” Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.

I have seen half the world by the mercy and grace of Allah, I have seen the modern and developed world and also the developing and underdeveloped countries. I want to see the whole world and die. Will this be the case? But I have come to the conclusion from experience so far.

Developed countries have ten virtues: law, justice, equal opportunities for development, education, business-friendly environment Infrastructure ‘Insight’ develops the true traditions of Islam, religious freedom and the tenth virtue.

I am sure that you will be shocked at the last goodness but you must believe that all the commands which Allah Almighty has conveyed to us through His Beloved Beloved, unless any society or country acts upon them, then progress will be made. It cannot be won even if its water becomes oil and sand and gold. As these ten virtues diminish in countries and societies, they continue to decline and even their story gets lost in the stories.

Yasir Pirzada is my ex-friend. I am his family disciple. I have read his column “What a normal country is like” and I could not help but admire him.

I don’t know what a normal country is like but I am definitely familiar with good countries. The package has been dedicated by Allah Almighty only to Islamic societies and Islamic countries but the question is why our 58 Islamic countries are deprived of development and goodness?

It is straightforward that all these countries belong to Muslims. They are not Islamic and we Muslims have only Islamic names and we do not meet any definition of Muslim. Allah Almighty had sent the Holy Prophet and commanded through him not to do injustice, to do justice, to forgive, to keep his voice low, to keep his eyes under control, another Muslim should be safe from your tongue and hand.

Do not block the way, do not block highways in war, do not desecrate corpses, do not recite the word by force, respect the places of worship of others, do not pollute water and air. Don’t cut down trees, don’t interfere in other people’s religion, don’t gossip, don’t be hypocritical, respect women, don’t be angry, don’t use violence Don’t say bad things to anyone, don’t close markets and bazaars, don’t destroy other people’s fields, have mercy on animals, don’t kill innocent people, be humble, consider knowledge supreme. Yes, do not lie, do not spread hatred, do not destroy people’s homes, do not spread misunderstandings, do not spread people’s hearts.

Do not boast of piety, do not boast of worship, do not brag about your prostrations, alms, charity, and fasting, do not preach the sins of others and your virtues, consider cleanliness as half faith, and always remember that you are God. No, whether you are righteous or sinful, there is only one God, and He is the Forgiver, the Most Merciful.

This is the real Islam and the only ambassador of the real Islam and he is our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Succeeded

We always cite our golden history, we mention the Islamic era of Baghdad, we count the achievements of the Fatimid era of Egypt, we call the era of Spain and Turkey the great era of Islam, and we call the era of Amir Timur and Delhi The period of the four sultans is called the period of rising of Muslims. What was special about these periods?

The point is straightforward. The kings of that time had made the Islamic injunctions the constitution of the state. They had made the sayings of our Prophet into a constitution. They had not only imposed Islamic acts of worship. Therefore, they became golden and great, but today we have limited Islam to worship only. Mosques are increasing, Islamic dress is becoming more and more, but Islam is disappearing from society.

May Allah forgive me but is it not true that people today do not fear Allah as much as they fear Allah’s servants. He was a lawyer from the University of Munich, Heidelberg, and Cambridge and he was a lawyer and this country was built by a clean-shaven man who wore English clothes for 65 years, spoke English and Gujarati for 70 years, and whose There is not a single picture while reciting the Quran.

There is only one picture of the prayers of Quaid-e-Azam and that too was the Eid prayer after the establishment of Pakistan. They used to do it but they considered worship as a personal relationship between Allah and the servant.

They do not show it but what have we made the country of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam today? Our bus does not work, otherwise, we should also paint beards on the pictures of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal and make them Barelvi, Wahhabi, and Shia too.

This is the country of people who have given their names like Muslims. We are all pretending to be Muslims. We are pretending to be Muslims while the real Islamic country is the one that has all the Islamic traditions. Make a completely Islamic country, they just did not read the word, but the day they read the word, just think, where will we be on that day? There are also! Maybe we are not even that. We are just a crowd in life and that’s it.

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