Why do we consider ourselves right and others wrong

The first story is by Lalit McCann. He was the son-in-law of Indian President Shankar Dayal Sharma. He was a Congressman and became a member of Lok Sabha in 1984. Sikhs killed Pinoy Lambingan.

The massacre turned the Sikh youth into rebels and they took revenge. The rebellious Sikh youth included Ranjit Singh alias Koki Gul. Koki Gul was planning a Ph.D. but an official report changed his mind. There was a fact-finding report on the Sikh massacre in 1985 called “Ho R D Gulti”.

Why do we consider ourselves right and others wrong

It blamed 227 people for the incidents. Lalit Mekan’s name was number three. Delhi’s Hindus had massacred Sikhs at the instigation of Lalit. Koki Gul along with two of his colleagues on July 31, 1985, Lalit’s wife Gitanjali came to his rescue and she too was shot.

Lalit had only one daughter, Ontika McCann. She became an orphan at the age of six and was raised in deprivation and hatred. She lived in the presidential palace with her grandparents, but her childhood memories and hatred were always with her.

Two of McCain’s assassins were sentenced to death while Koki Singh fled to the United States, was arrested in New York, spent ten years in a US prison, was deported to India, and was sentenced to life in prison. Koki Singh was later paroled for 14 days. Released, he met Lalit Mekan’s daughter with his sister, and Ontika’s hatred turned into sympathy. She went to his house and forgave her parents’ killer. Have friends

The second story is of Kerala’s Nun Rani Maria and her killer Samandar Singh. Samandar Singh was an ordinary farmer. Wounds were inflicted, it was a heinous murder, Samander Singh was arrested, imprisoned, and a sense of guilt.

Rani Maria’s sister and brother met him in prison and not only forgave him but also made him their brother. These two families are now very close to each other. The third story is from Kia Scherr, an American woman whose husband, Allen, and their 13-year-old daughter, Naomi, were killed in the 2008 Mumbai attacks at the Oberoi Hotel restaurant.

They hid under a dining table to escape the terrorists, but were found and shot in the head. ‘S husband and daughter were killed, but despite the pain and suffering, it was the first victim to pardon Ajmal Kasab. “The burden of revenge and hatred becomes unbearable for the survivors after losing their loved ones,” he said.

These stories were the subject of Indian actor and filmmaker Aamir Khan’s documentary film “Rubaru Roshni” and it shakes a person from within. In the documentary, the three killers including Ajmal Kasab were asked “Why did you kill them?” The answer of all three was, “We had no real reason for it.” Tears welled up in my eyes, and I was compelled to think, “Is hatred so blind and unreasonable?” There is no reason because if a person has a reason, it takes it away.

This is the basic quality of a human being, but if there is no reason at all, then he has no choice but to kill others. Have you ever wondered why we Muslims hate Hindus and Christians? Why do the three provinces of the country abuse Punjab and why are the Punjabis so close to the people of other provinces? Why are there walls between Muhajir and Sindhi in Karachi? Why do we hate minorities?

Why didn’t we allow a temple to be built in Islamabad? Why do we want to forcibly convert Sikhs, Hindus, and Christians to Islam? Why do others find faith and Islam questionable? Why do we insult each other in the name of Rasoolullah?

Why do we consider ourselves right and others wrong and why do we find the prostration and fasting of others hypocritical? Have we ever wondered what is the cause of this hatred? I am sure that the day we think this we will know that our hatreds are baseless and these baseless hatreds first divided us into Hindu and Muslim two armies, then divided us into Bengali and Punjabi, then Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashtun and Divided into Baloch, then created civil and military distances.

Then Shia-Sunni differences and we are now rapidly moving towards the dreadful war of Barelvi and Deobandi and if God willing this war started then this is not the country. Survive because for the first time in the country, two majority groups will fight and both will have the flag of religion in their hands, so you can estimate the scope and damage of the war from it.

Man’s ten thousand years recorded history shows that ignorance is the biggest disease of human society and this disease first engulfs man, then family, and then the whole society. The second major disease of society is poverty and third The last and the last disease is incompetence and when these three diseases accumulate in one place, then human beings are saved, the family and not the society and we as a nation are suffering from these three diseases.

Ask any person from the President of Pakistan to the Peasants of Pakistan, “What can you do with your eyes closed?” “Out of 210 million people in the country, only 10 million work and they do not get the job they claim,” he said. “This is the state of our professionalism. The most senior people in the world become the target of these terrorists.

There are thousands of pictures outside each of our armed forces and what do these pictures prove? It sets the standard for our qualifications and training but instead of improving the standard we stamp the testimony on it and give the nation a lovely pop. The second half of our population is below the poverty line and those above the poverty line are badly suffering from mental poverty.

If you want to see these mentally poor people, you go to a five-star hotel, you will find hundreds of mentally poor people there. It is as if we are suffering from poverty both socially and mentally and our first and most dreaded disease is ignorance. Even our professors do not read books. And that’s 30 years old.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. There are only two bookstores and one library in Islamabad and you can’t find more than ten or fifteen people there. Our religious class is left behind. It is a sin for them to read outside the profession. They also consider every modern book as a conspiracy of Judeo-Christians, so you see the future of the society for yourself.

Until we cure these three diseases, you will remember that we will not be able to eradicate this society without any reason and how will this work? It is very simple. The state should pass only three laws. Make these books compulsory.

Slabs of 1000 books should be made from school to university and it should be made compulsory. They should be given and they should be paid regularly for this work. After social media, the transmission of knowledge has become very easy. The government can also make audio boxes available to the whole country.

This YouTuber can also hire for this job. This will help us to get rid of the disease of ignorance. Second, after 18 years, work should be made compulsory for every person. The burden will be borne by itself and the third, like Germany, will require some skill for each of us. Remember, we will work if we are skilled.

If we work, we will get out of poverty, if we get out of poverty, we will read books, and if we read books, our minds will be open, then we will find the answer to our hatreds and this will become a society, otherwise we will burn in this fire of hatred without any reason. They will be burnt to death. We will end up touching each other’s Islam, so the state will have to come forward anyway before the state ceases to exist.

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