You know what happened in the Court

If we look at history, the fourth Prime Minister has appeared before the Supreme Court. Earlier, Bhutto had appeared before the court. He had been sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court. He did not get relief from the Supreme Court and was hanged Lambingan Pinoy Tambayan Pinoy.

You know what happened in the Court

He was followed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the Supreme Court when Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah sent a contempt notice to him. Moreover, the next day the same Chief Justice and the Supreme Court were attacked and a year later Nawaz Sharif himself was arrested and taken to Landhi Jail in Karachi.

The third prime minister was Yousuf Raza Gilani, who was convicted of contempt of court and fired. At the time, the issue was to write a letter to the Swiss courts to reopen the NRO cases against Zardari and Benazir Bhutto. Gilani refused and the result was dismissal.

Now the fourth Prime Minister Imran Khan has also appeared before the court. This time the case is different from the previous three reasons. There were various allegations against Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, and Gilani, but there are other allegations against Khan.

On the one hand, no one was expecting that Prime Minister Imran Khan could be suddenly summoned to the Supreme Court and the matter is of a slightly serious nature which seems to be difficult for Khan to resolve.

At the last hearing, the court had asked the attorney general to inform the prime minister that the mothers of the children who were martyred in the Peshawar school had brought their petitions and lawsuits to him and they had given eight names which they considered as their incompetence. Or incompetence is indirectly responsible for this accident.

The people in high positions were neglected, which led to the death of their children. She says the civil-military officials in these high-ranking positions have not fulfilled their responsibilities, which has led to a security breach and such a major incident. He now wants an FIR to be registered against the eight. The eight include (then) Army Chief, DG ISI, Corps Commander Peshawar, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Home Minister, Home Secretary, and others, but said they had not registered an FIR. When the court asked the Attorney General about this, he said that he could not talk to the Prime Minister.

The court immediately ordered the prime minister to appear before it, saying that if the attorney general had not been able to inform him after a lapse of one month, he would now block the court and ask him. The Prime Minister was immediately summoned.

You know what happened in the court but in my opinion, two or three things that happened in the court are important. On the one hand, the court also raised serious questions about the negotiations between the government of Pakistan and the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

But the important thing Khan said is that if the court orders, he is ready to take action against these eight people. This means that if the court says so, they will abide by it. The Pakistani rulers are always waiting for a court order for many things they should have done.

I remember talking to two prime ministers twice and telling them that you solve people’s problems immediately on the order of the court but why don’t you do the same thing yourself? The police and the DMG are all under your control.

The court has judicial powers but you have all the executive powers. Now the court has asked Khan Sahib to satisfy these mothers and meet them. The question is how Khan Sahib will satisfy them because according to him he has already given money to these parents from the provincial government.

This meant that the issue should have been settled if the money had been paid. One mother cried outside the Supreme Court and was told by a high-ranking official that she should have more children.

You may recall that the Prime Minister had demanded justice for the entire family killed in the Sahiwal incident. All the accused were later acquitted. He was also silenced by paying Rs 10 million. Justice has not been received to date but money has been received.

They were a poor family so their voice was suppressed or suppressed. But Peshawar has a large number of mothers and the tragedy was huge so they are still fighting. She wants justice for the murderers of her beloved and innocent children.

Now when they hear that the government is making peace with these killers or making a deal, they feel that the blood of their children has been wasted. By the way, these mothers should also be commended that they have been fighting against the killers of their children for the last seven years. These mothers are doing what the state and state institutions should have done.

It is clear that our rulers and decision-makers have no idea of ​​the suffering that mothers of this country have endured. Once upon a time, I was listening to a retired general on a foreign TV. When the host said that your policy has ruined the country ‘Pakistan is deserted’ and you and your 140 children were killed by the Taliban in such a big accident but still you people do not stop playing Taliban Taliban Came.

To this, the guest replied with great satisfaction that those children were the collateral damage of this war. This meant that such sacrifices had to be made because the Taliban were our asset and part of our war strategy. Can there be states and rulers in the world who, after killing their own 70,000 citizens and brutally killing 140 children, can boldly say that no one has to sacrifice such lives for the greater good? Is?

The question is, what are these sacrifices? Why are they taken from the children of Pakistanis? These interests benefited the civil-military rulers of Pakistan, the common poor who cried all their lives, who did not even know what was the use of supporting the Taliban for which their innocent children had to die.

By the way, have you ever heard that the children of rulers or bureaucrats were among the 70,000 Pakistanis killed? By the way, all those who were killing Pakistani children in the national interest, today their own children study abroad. They are all out in Seattle. Ordinary human babies are born with collateral damage.

The liver of the mothers and the children killed in Peshawar were collateral damage in one of our big games and according to a former officer, parents should have more children instead of crying. Why are these mothers crying so much?

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